Professional Family Consultants provides private in-home special needs tutoring for all major academic subjects (K-12 through college) to student with special needs in and around Atlanta, Georgia.  

Our tutors are academically trained in special education and can provide tutoring services for children with autism, ADHD, behavioral challenges, learning disabilities, and physical and developmental disabilities. We strive to hire only the most qualified tutors and take the stress and hassle out of locating, hiring, and paying a tutor for your child.

At PFC we know finding the right tutor for your child involves finding the right fit for your budget as well. The rates we offer are below are some of the lowest in the area for well qualified tutors who specialize in tutoring children with special needs. 


How It Works  

1.  Submit a Tutoring Request through our website.  Once the request is received, you will be contacted by our Program Coordinator to review your request and obtain further details regarding the special needs of your child. 

2.  Scheduling and Confirmation.  After we have your request, we will connect you with one of our stellar special needs tutor who will contact you directly to make arrangements for tutoring.  We will save your schedule and availability in our system so that we will have the information on file for future needs. 

3.  Payment Processing.  We will obtain a credit card from you for us to have on file and will process the tutoring fees after each week of service.  If you are unhappy with your tutoring session, we will send a replacement tutor to your home free of charge.  

4. Let the Learning Begin! After your information is processed, we can either simply set up a recurring date for your tutoring request or just simply call us a couple of days in advance and we'll have the tutor ready for you! You can always request the same tutor as long as they are available.