Full-time Special Needs Nanny Needed (Santa Rosa, California)

Position: Full-time Special Needs Nanny

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Hours: Full-time Live-In (Flexible schedule to be further worked out during negotiations) 

Compensation: Depending on experience but around $25 per hour plus room and board. The family has a separate living quarters from the main home that the nanny would occupy which includes a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Child Charecteristics: The focus of the position is working with an eleven (11) year old boy who is on the mild end of the autism spectrum. The child also has sensory and auditory processing issues, ADHD, impulsivity, and issues with maintaining social skills. In addition, the child has a high verbal intelligence, strong ability to reason and solve verbal problems and the ability to demonstrate practical knowledge and judgment, verbal reasoning and conceptualization and expression. The child loves being outdoors and going bike riding, hiking, swimming, etc.  

Candidate Requirements: The Nanny must have experience working with children who are on the autism spectrum as well as working with children who have significant sensory processing issues both how his body feels, as well as auditory sensitivity, low motivation, and inability to concentrate for long periods of time. The Candidate should have a college degree in a helping, child-focused discipline, such as child and family development, social work, psychology, special education, or a similar field.  The Candidate should have a positive, calm and warm disposition who implements strategic behavior intervention strategies with positive reinforcement and other similar strategies. 

Interested Candidates: Please submit your Candidate Application through our website at www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com/candidate-application. Interested Candidates will be contacted for interviews. Any questions, please call 404-919-6626.

Full-Time Special Needs Nanny Needed in Manhattan

Location: Manhattan New York, New York

Hours: Full-time 7am - 5pm Monday through Friday

Compensation: $900 per week

Children: The focus of the position will be working with a 4 yr. old boy who has been diagnosed with ADHD and language delays. There is also a 7 yr. old girl in the home who is typically developing.  

Special Needs Experience: The Candidate must have a college degree in a child-focused discipline such as child and family development, social work, psychology, special education and/or general education. The Candidate should have experience working with children who exhibit behavior challenges and know how to employ specific strategies for working with these children.  

Other Responsibilities: Both children are in school from 8am until 3 Monday through Friday. The Candidate will assist in getting the kids ready for school and then will assist in the household management duties during the day while the kids are in school. Additional responsibilities include running errands, light housework, cooking, etc.  

Interested Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through our website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com. Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for an interview.

Full-time Special Needs Nanny Position Needed in Weston, CT

Professional Family Consultants, LLC is a specialized domestic staffing agency working exclusively with children who have special needs. PFC is currently accepting applications in consideration for the full-time special needs nanny position we have available in Weston, Connecticut. Interested Candidates should complete the Candidate Application through the website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com). Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for further evaluation. 

Hours: Full-time Live-In (40+ hours per week) 

Compensation: Salaried $850 per week, but negotiable

Special Needs: The family has a 6 year old boy with autism. They are dedicated and committed to helping him reach his full potential and live a fulfilled life. He needs a lot of sensory input and does well with a calming and engaging personality. The family follows a strict diet for the child which is super important for the Nanny to understand and respect. The child eats gluten free, dairy free, low sugar, high fat and the rest of the family tries to eat in a similar fashion. Someone who is a great cook and can be inventive with the child's restrictive diet to create great food that he loves to eat to nourish his body and reduce inflammation, is a huge plus! 

Special Needs Experience: The Nanny should have experience with ABA therapy and Floortime. Educational background in special education, social work, psychology, or child and family development is desired. The mother is about to have a second child, so the Nanny may take care of an infant as well in tandem with the current Nanny. 

Qualified Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com to be considered. Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately to set up further interviews.

Full-time Special Needs Nanny Needed in Fairfax, Virginia

Hours: Full-time 40+ hours per week to include before school, evenings and some weekends.  Must be available for school holidays. 

Compensation: $30 - $40 per hour, depending on experience

Special Needs Training:  Must have experience with ABA therapy and a variety of therapies (OT/Speech/PT), as well as an understanding of communication devices and hearing aid maintenance; ability to reinforce therapeutic and educational goals while at home; willing to provide transportation prepare meals and tidy up.

Education:  A college degree in a helping profession such as special education, social work, psychology, or child and family development.  Relevant graduate studies highly valued. 

Special Needs:  The focus of the position will be to work with a child with pervasive global delay.  The child is in a non-categorical intellectually disabled kindergarten classroom. She requires OT, PT, speech therapy and has bilateral neuro-sensory hearing loss and is currently non-verbal. She requires 24 hour supervision as she is unaware of potential dangers but is fully mobile and loves being active outside. She also requires assistance with dressing, bathing, potty training, and feeding. 

Interested Candidates:  Please complete the Candidate Application through the PFC website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  A consultant will contact qualified candidates immediately for further information. 

Full-time Special Needs Nanny Position - Lexington, SC

Position: Full-time Special Needs Nanny

Hours: 40+ hours per week (live-in option available)

Location: Lexington, SC

Compensation: Negotiable $800 - $1,000 per week

Description:  Full-time special needs nanny needed for a lovely family in Lexington, SC.  A 6 year-old girl is the focus of the position and has moderate to severe autism and requires full time supervision when not in school or therapy. She requires assistance with all personal care and bedtime routine.  The Candidate must be able to drive and be physically fit in order to keep up with child who is very active and requires full time supervision.  

Educational Requirements: The Candidate must have a specialized degree in a child-helping discipline such as special education, psychology, social work, or child and family development.  The Candidate should also have experience in ABA therapy or similar modality working with autistic children. 

Interested Candidates: Please fill out the Candidate Application through the website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com) for further consideration.

Amherst, MA Position

Location: Amherst, MA

Position: Full-time Special Needs Nanny

Living Arrangements: Live-in is an option as the family has a full basement with private entrance. Otherwise, the position will be 40-50 hours per week. If the candidate chose the live-in option, the family would provide some money to renovate and and decorate the apartment. The candidate would use one of the family vehicles.

Compensation: $25 - $30 per hour for live-out. Live-in would include a salary plus room and board. Guaranteed raises each year for the first 2-3 years. Either arrangement would include family travel. The family would withhold taxes. Insurance and retirement savings not included. 

Family Details: Loving and energetic family in Amherst, MA seeks a full-time special needs nanny to become a part of their family and work with their two special children, a 9-yr-old boy and a 12-yr-old girl. The family lives in a classic New England college town on a cul-de-sac with many children and a lively sense of community. The home is walking distance (3 miles) from downtown and adjoins a wooded conservation area that is basically a public park. 

Special Needs: The boy has an autism diagnosis. He is verbal, has an unusually high IQ, and he has significant social, emotional, and sensory challenges. The family is seeking a nanny who can help him with sensory regulation, provide consistent social feedback, create visual supports and social stories to help him navigate life events, support his independence in personal care, organize and structure therapeutic play groups, help support him in peer interactions, and keep him safe. He would be the nanny's primary charge. The girl is a gifted, strong-willed pre-teen with some Aspie tendencies, though no formal diagnosis. She needs firm boundaries and some support and advice in social situations.

Qualifications: The Candidate should be trained in positive behavior modification and have experience with high IQ children with Autism and Asperger's. We are seeking a candidate who can help the boy with sensory regulation, provide consistent social feedback, create visual supports and social stories to help him navigate life events, support his independence in personal care, organize and structure therapeutic play groups, help support him in peer interactions, and keep him safe. The Candidate should have experience with ABA therapy and working directly with children who have autism. 

Interested Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through the website: (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com). A consultant will be in touch qualified candidates for further evaluation. The position starts as soon as possible. Any questions please call 404-919-6626.

Full-time Special Needs Nanny Needed for Autistic Child

Hours: Full-time 40+ per week (Live-In or Live Out) The schedule would be 7am to 9:30am and 1:30pm to 7pm Mon through Thursday. Friday 1:30 to 5pm and some weekend hours. Typically around 40 hours per week during full school weeks but the family also need coverage for school holidays and for the summer. The kids attend some camps during the summer but not every week.

Compensation: Negotiable, depending on living arrangement

Location: Dunwoody, Georgia

Special Needs: The family has two children, a 13 year old and an 11 year old. The 11 year old is non-verbal autistic with some hearing impairment. The 11 year old is a sweet boy but has no verbal communication skills and limited receptive skills. He is also big - about 150 pounds. He is not aggressive. The family needs someone to care for the child and take him to school and pick up both kids from school.  

Qualifications: The Candidate must be experienced in working with children who have special needs, specifically autism. A degree in a child-focused discipline is preferred. The Candidate should be able to reinforce the child's school goals at home and be comfortable preparing dinners nightly as the children eat early as well as helping to straighten around the house as needed. Experience with ABA therapy or ASL is also preferred. 

Next Steps: Interested Candidates should complete the Candidate Application through the website: http://professionalfamilyconsultants.com/candidate-application/. Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for further consideration. Any questions, please call 404.954.6969.

    New part-time position available in Wilmette, IL

    Location: Wilmette, IL

    Hours: 20-25 hours a week

    Compensation: $15 - $20 per hour.  Taxes withheld by Nanny. 

    Special Needs: The position is focused on working with two children, ages 6 and 3.  The 3 year old has global developmental delays. He is three years old chronologically but developmentally he ranges from 1 year to 3 years. He cannot feed himself or dress himself. He also is not potty trained. In addition, his communicative language is not yet developed. He is capable of a moderate amount of words (40 words) and phrases but would be unable to say for example, “I am thirsty I would like milk.” Instead he says, “I some milk.” He is unable to do this with food at this point. Most of his language is mimicking what the family says.  When he gets frustrated, he does scream and will stiffen his body, however, he is not aggressive.  He also can be distracted easily which helps in calming him down. He does know and utilize some sign language. The family is in the process of learning ASL to help him further, so experience with ASL would be helpful. 

    Family Details:  Very loving and laid back family.  The father works long hours and the mother works from home.  The family enjoys the outdoors and spending time together.  

    Candidate Requirements:  The Candidate should have an educational background in a child-focused discipline such as psychology, child and family development, social work, or special education.  The Candidate must have direct experience working with children who have special needs in either a childcare capacity, or in a professional setting.  Work with children who have global developmental delays is preferred.  Other experience working children who have autism, or a similar challenge is helpful.  The Candidate must be a native English speaker since language development is a challenge. 

    Interested?  Interested Candidates should submit their Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for interviews.  Please call with any questions. 

    Full-Time Live-In Special Needs Nanny Position Available in Hinsdale, IL (Suburb of Chicago)

    Professional Family Consultants, LLC is a national domestic staffing agency working exclusively with children who have special needs. We are currently recruiting for a full-time live-in nanny position for a family with an autistic child. See below for details. Interested candidates should complete the Candidate Application through our website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com). 

    Location: Hinsdale, Illinois

    Hours: Full-time Live-In (35-40 hours per week) Occasionally a few hours on Saturday and Sundays off. One full weekend off per month and 2 weeks paid vacation per year. 

    Start Date: August 14, 2015. 

    Compensation: $400 per week plus room and board in a private coach house over the garage that has a queen bed, living room and private bathroom. The coach house has wifi and cable TV. The family will also provide transportation and pay for car insurance for the individual. (This is a shared family vehicle). The family lives a few blocks from down town Hinsdale and two train stops into Chicago. 

    Child Details: The focus of the position is to work with and care for the 15 year-old non-verbal autistic child. The child attends a private school year round. The bus takes her to an from school. She uses an Ipad to communicate her wants and needs. She is very smart but is not always able to demonstrate her skills and needs someone to stay by her side when she is awake. The child needs help with snacks preparation, needs reminders to use her utensils, use the bath room, getting dressed, taking baths and taking her medication. The child does exhibit occasional temper tantrums aggressive behaviors including hitting her head, lying on the floor and hitting others. These behaviors are infrequent and do not last long. 

    Position Requirements: The Candidate must have direct experience working with autistic children in some capacity. The Candidate should have nannying and/or childcare experience, preferably in a home setting and be comfortable caring for children with special needs. Strategic skills for interacting with autistic children are required as well as the ability to de-escalate situations and use therapeutic interventions when needed. A degree in a child-focused discipline is highly desired. The child is starting to learn sign language so the ability to work on communication skills is also highly desired. 

    Interested? Please fill out the Candidate Application through our website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com. A Placement Consultant will be in touch immediately with qualified candidates. Please call 404-919-6626 with any questions. 

    Special Needs Nanny Position Available in Long Island, NY

    Professional Family Consultants, LLC (PFC) is a national domestic staffing agency working exclusively with families who have children with special needs.  We specialize in recruiting highly qualified caregivers and nannies who are skilled in working with children who have different challenges.  We are currently working with a wonderful family in Great Neck, NY on Long Island and have the following position available.  Interested candidates should fill out the Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  Qualified candidates will be contacted immediately.

    Position: Part-Time Special Needs Nanny (with opportunity to become full-time for the right candidate) 

    Hours:  Monday - Friday (7:30 am -8:45 am and then 3:40pm - 7:40pm) Flexibility during the week and weekend is very important! 

    Compensation: $18 - $25 per hour

    Special Needs Child: A seven year-old girl with ADHD and hypotonia which effects her speech and language, auditory processing, fine motor skills (writing) and gross motor skills.  She is at a kindergarten level in some areas even though she is in second grade. 

    Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have experience working with children who have ADHD and have an understanding of hypotonia and gross and fine motor development.  The candidate should have a lot of energy and be very creative with activities, especially homework in order to make it fun. The child responds well to caregivers that are very animated and outgoing. Candidates should have a specialized degree in a child-focused discipline and some behavioral training either through coursework and internships or direct care as the child has behavior challenges. Experience in a classroom setting is preferable and experience knowing how to use visual schedules, improving reading skills and writing skills is desired given the child's tone deficit. The candidate must have their own car be comfortable driving their own car to various activities (yoga, hebrew school, ice skating etc).  The child takes medication in the evening and the candidate should be comfortable administering medicine orally. 

    Information: A fun-loving and easy-going family who's main focus is the well-being and development of their child.  They currently implement consistent time outs for bad language, aggression or inappropriate behavior and prefer engaging play activities when at home and limit electronics.  They are open to collaborating on new ideas and approaches with their child. The enjoy taking their child ice skating, skiing (when possible), on weekend getaways/vacations, horseback riding and yoga. 

    Interested Candidates: Please fill out a Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately!  

    Two Great Special Needs Nanny Positions Available in Chicago!

    Position: Full-time Specialized Nanny (30 + hours a week)

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    Hours: Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 8:30 am and 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. The children are in after-school programs until 6pm 3 days a week so during those times the Nanny will help out around the house with errands, possibly start dinner, and/or pick up the kids from their activity. The hours will vary a bit during the summer so flexibility is important. 

    Salary: $15 - $20 per hour

    Children: There are two children, a 9yr. old boy and a 7yr. old girl. The 9yr. old has ADHD and is currently on medication. The 7 yr. old is typically developing. Both children are active in after-school activities, summer camps and are are full of energy. The Nanny would be expected to engage in creative play, take the kids to the park, and become a part of the family. 

    Needs: The 9 yr.-old has ADHD and exhibits challenging behaviors. He has difficulty socializing and does not interact well with his peers. He needs consistency, structure, and someone who is skilled in behavior modification. He has trouble transitioning between activities and tests boundaries. 

    Skills: The Nanny must be skilled in behavior modification and have direct experience working with children who have ADHD or some other behavioral challenges. The Nanny must have strategies for redirecting children, engaging in positive and negative reinforcement and have an understanding of child development and consequential behavior. The Nanny should have a degree in a helping profession such as social work, child and family development, psychology, education or a similar field. The Nanny should be able to physically play with the children and encourage positive behavior. The Nanny should be able to make a long-term commitment. 

    Interested: Professional Family Consultants, LLC is a domestic staffing agency that works exclusively with families who have children with special needs. PFC is recruiting Candidates to interview for the position. Interested Candidates should fill out the Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com. Qualified Candidates will be contacted for an initial screening interview with a Consultant in Atlanta. The top Candidates will then interview with the family. If you have any questions, please call us at (404) 919-6626.

    Position: Part-time Special Needs Nanny

    Hours: 2:45 pm to 5:45(ish) pm Monday - Friday

    Pay: $15 - $20 per hour

    Position Details: The family has one seven year old boy. The nanny would be expected to pick up the child from school at 2:45, transport home and begin homework, offer a snack and give medication between 3:00-3:45. The child is allowed to play a video game (time based on daily report card points) after homework and other activities (legos, playdates, board games) are encouraged. The nanny will assist in preparing dinner between 5:15-5:45. 

    Details: Both parents work and commute. They are a creative family: the mother am working on a documentary, and the husband is in a band. You will often find the child creating drawings, 3D projects, inventions, doing math problems, playing games, etc. The family values open communication and would request the same of their nanny. 

    Special Needs: The child is a fun, gifted, 7 year old with sensory issues, ADHD and anxiety. He attends family therapy and takes medication for ADHD and anxiety. The child has a 504 plan at school, gets good grades and loves participating. He has some difficulty navigating large social activities that have a physical component, but little structure (dance class, recess). He can play organized sports with good coaching. He has played 6 seasons of soccer with success. He likes to perform well and responds well to structure and patience; he can be a bit of a perfectionist. He can exhibit challenging behaviors when frustrated with himself, for instance, when forgetting his homework at school (only happened once in 6 weeks). He does not respond well to angry tones. Often times, his meltdowns can be avoided and reduced through creative redirection, a calm voice, and complimenting what he is doing right in the moment. ie."I see that you are frustrated; you made a great choice by going to the couch and staying safe/taking a break." 

    Qualifications: The Candidate must understand gifted children with ADHD and anxiety and have a degree in social work, special education, ABA therapy, occupation therapy, behavior modification, or a similar discipline. The Candidate should have a calm demeanor and be able to develop a personal relationship with the child. A flexible, creative, and curious personality is desired. 

    Candidates: Qualified Candidates should complete their Candidate Application through the website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com). Interested Candidates will be contacted immediately for screening interviews. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

    CA to Broaden Kids' Medicaid Autism Coverage

    California is among the first states to respond to a recent rule by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that requires the therapy to be covered, when deemed medically necessary, as part of a “comprehensive array of preventive, diagnostic and treatment services” for low-income people 21 and under. (Medi-Cal is California’s version of Medicaid.)

    This type of treatment includes the sometimes costly “applied behavioral analysis,” which uses intensive drills and rewards to teach kids how to communicate and interact socially.

    In California, a huge percentage of the population that stands to benefit is Latino. About a third of beneficiaries speak Spanish as their primary language, yet historically their communities have been underserved because of a shortage of Spanish-speaking providers and meager outreach and education efforts.

    Taking the lead

    California, however, is ahead of many states: It already has programs in place that cover a portion of autistic kids through public school districts and the California Department of Developmental Services. Although several states, including Louisiana and Washington, have taken early steps to make behavioral therapy for autism, others offer little or no public coverage for it.

    California will seek to contain costs by setting fixed rates for care, under a managed care model, officials said. Even so, some observers remain concerned that the influx of thousands of kids newly eligible for autism treatment could overwhelm an already-strapped system.

    Read more here: http://www.webmd.com/health-insurance/20140912/california-to-broaden-autism-coverage-for-kids-through-medicaid?page=2


    Professional Special Needs Nanny Position Available in Boston, MA

    Location: Brookline, MA

    Hours: Morning Nanny – Mon - Fri 6:45 am - 1:00 pm

                 Afternoon Nanny – Mon, Fri 11:00 am - 6:30 pm; Tues, Wed, Thurs 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    Compensation: $20 - $25 per hour with yearly performance bonuses

    Benefits: $300 per month contribution toward health insurance, 9 paid holidays per year, 15 paid vacation days (taken when family is away on vacation), 3 paid sick days, taxes withheld by family

    Children: There are two children, an 8 year-old boy and a 5 year-old girl.

    Special Needs: The 8 year-old has Smith Magenis Syndrome (please see www.prisms.org for details).  He has difficulty with transitions, managing disappointment and defiance. He also has challenges with potty training and focusing, and he has inverted sleep rhythms. He is very social and loving but emotionally he operates at a younger age than his cognitive or physical age.

    Position Details: The morning position focuses on getting the children ready for school and then household management tasks such as cooking for the kids and family two times a week, food shopping, buying clothes for the kids, etc. The afternoon responsibilities include picking up the children from school and taking them to activities, helping with homework, and getting them prepared for dinner.  There are times when extra assistance is needed, especially at night until kids are asleep (e.g., when one parent is travelling or there is a doctor appointment outside of normal nanny hours.  The family has lake home in Northern MI and the Candidate is expected to travel to lake home during the summer with family.  The family spends 9 weeks at the lake house.  The Candidate will be paid for all 9 weeks but only asked to work 4 weeks.

    Nanny Requirements: The Candidate must have a background in working with children with special needs, especially behavior challenges and autistic-like tendencies.  The ideal candidate will have experience working directly with children who have autism along with an educational background in special education, social work, psychology, or a child-related discipline.  At least 2-5 years of professional experience is required.  Additionally, the Nanny must have high energy, have a proactive attitude and be unflappable.

    Interested Candidates:  If you meet the above qualifications and are interested, please fill out the Candidate Application form through our website: http://professionalfamilyconsultants.com/candidate-application/

    Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately.  Positions start the end of September. 

    New Special Needs Nanny Position Available in Houston, TX

    Position: Part-time Live-Out Special Needs Nanny

    Hours: 11:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

    Location: Dickinson, Texas (a suburb of Houston)

    Pay: $15 - $20 per hour

    Children: Two children ages 3 (boy) and 5 (girl)

    Special Needs: The focus of the position is working with and caring for a three-year old boy who has behavioral challenges. Although the child has yet to be diagnosed, he exhibits characteristics of a child with ADHD and has some oppositional defiance. He needs structure, a caring but yet firm Nanny, and someone who will be able to keep up with him! 

    Specific Duties: The boy is in a morning program until 11:30 am. The Nanny will begin at 11:30 am and work until 5:00 pm, or until the mother gets home. The Nanny will be expected to make a light lunch and monitor naps as well as engage the child in structured and therapeutic activities while positively reinforcing his good behavior. The Nanny will pick the older child up from school at 3:30 pm (which is right down the street). The older child is typically developing. 

    Qualifications: The Nanny should have experience working with children who have behavior challenges and implementing strategies to counteract negative behavior in a structured environment. A college degree in a child-focused discipline such as psychology, child and family development, or social work is strongly encouraged. The Nanny should be professional, well-oraganized and energetic. 

    Interested Candidates: Interested candidates should fill out the Candidate Application through our website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com) and email your resume to infoGA(at)professionalfamilyconsultants.com.

    New Position in Atlanta Available for a Special Needs Nanny

    Position:  Part-time Specialized Nanny

    Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

    Hours:  20+ hours per week (This includes every other weekend.)

    Salary:  $15- $25/hr, paid monthly, contingent on experience and credentials

    Benefits:  Two weeks paid vacation, five personal days, and mileage/gas reimbursement

    Family Details:  This position is working for a single mom who shares custody of the children and thus is seeking a part-time Specialized Nanny to work with her 8 year old son, who has been diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD/anxiety; he also has sensory and behavioral issues. 

    The focus of the family's lifestyle is a very healthy one. Meals and snacks consist of fresh, organic, gluten-free foods; sugar and artificial ingredients are avoided. Electronics are limited to one hour per day, outdoor play is encouraged; the children are encouraged to assist the Nanny in planning each day.

    Children:  There are 2 children in the home: an 8 year old boy and 6 year old girl; the 8 year old is the primary focus of this position.

    Special Needs:  The 8 year old needs constant supervision and help with structuring his time, engaging in appropriate social interaction with his peers, personal hygiene, and table manners.  He also has a medical/educational team, including an IEP that the Nanny will work with in order to maintain the best care plan.

    Nanny Qualifications:  The Nanny must be energetic, skilled in behavior management and intervention strategies.  The Nanny should be able to develop behavior modification plans and address the child's negative behavior while increasing positive behavior.  Experience and education in the field of special needs is essential.  Ideally, the Nanny will have experience working with children with behavioral challenges and have education in related fields such as special education, child and family development, speech and language, social work, or psychology.  The Nanny should have experience providing ABA therapy and/or working directly with children on the autistic spectrum.

    The Nanny should have their own car and a clean DMV record as they will be transporting the children to activities before and after school.

    Interested Candidates:  Interested candidates should submit a Candidate Application through our website at www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  Selected candidates will be undergo a screening interview with a PFC Placement Specialist prior to meeting with the family.  Successful candidates will then be interviewed by the family; PFC will make the arrangements for all interviews.  If selected for the position, PFC will assist the candidate with transitioning to the position.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 404-919-6626

    10 Reasons to Have a Written Contract With Your Nanny

    The relationship between a nanny and her employers is one that tends to be both unique and complex. Caring for your children and looking after your household while you’re away often makes your nanny feel like far more than an employee, especially if you genuinely get along and everyone in your family has forged their own bond with her. Because nanny/employer relationships can become so close, it’s not uncommon for both parties to forgo a written agreement in favor of something more personal and less rigid, a decision that can have unpleasant repercussions when all is said and done. These are 10 of the reasons why you shouldn’t throw the nanny agreement out the window, no matter how close she’s grown to your family.

    • Establishing Overtime Parameters – One of the most common causes of disputes and difficulty in a nanny/employer relationship is uncompensated overtime, or a work-week length that seems excessive. When you create a nanny contract outlining policies and procedures regarding overtime, up to and including limits for weekly overtime, you can effectively remove the possibility of disputes borne of misunderstanding.
    • Clearly Outlined Duties – Job creep can be a very real problem for nannies, and shirking of side duties can be an equally frustrating situation for employers. When the nanny’s duties are clearly communicated in a document she has reviewed and signed, there’s no room for confusion or disagreements.
    • Evaluation and Salary Review Scheduling – If you plan to offer annual employment contracts pending the results of a performance evaluation or offer salary increases at specific intervals, that information should be included in your written work agreement so that there’s no confusion surrounding such delicate issues later.
    • Providing a Reference Source – When you have a well-written, thorough nanny contract, both involved parties have a document to refer back to in times of confusion or dispute. This can prove to be an invaluable tool when it comes to derailing issues before they become insurmountable.
    • Communicating Terms of Employment – If there are deal-breaking grounds for immediate dismissal, your nanny needs to know about them. She should also have a clear understanding of the terms of her employment, something that having access to a copy of her nanny agreement provides.
    • Clarifying Mutual Expectations – When the expectations, rights and responsibilities of all involved parties are set down on paper, there’s no room for confusion or debate as the nanny/employer relationship progresses. Creating and updating a nanny contract when it’s necessary is a powerful tool for preventing turnover and aiding in constructive communication.
    • Benefit Package Establishment – Though it’s not legally required for nanny employers to provide benefits to their nannies, offering benefits like paid time off is standard industry practice and can be a sticking point for professional childcare providers. Knowing what benefits she’s promised, the number of sick days she has and the amount of vacation time available to her can clarify many important points for your nanny, and a contract provides a perfect avenue for that conversation.
    • Petty Cash and Reimbursement Policies – Whether you plan to reimburse your nanny for incidental expenses or provide her with a petty cash fund, including a section relevant to that issue in your nanny agreement can make the entire situation easier to understand and more practical.
    • Establishing Emergency Procedures – Working together to create a nanny contract, reviewing the document and signing it helps your nanny retain the lion’s share of the relevant details. Should an emergency arise, a section that governs appropriate action and contact information can not only help her to follow the guidelines, but also to ensure that proper action is taken in such an event.
    • Legal Protection – A signed nanny contract is a legally binding document, meaning that it provides both you and your nanny with some level of protection or legal recourse in a worst case scenario. Choosing to forgo the document can make legal disputes exceedingly messy, but having one in place well before they arise can help you avoid them altogether.

    PFC provides all of its families with contracts to use with the nannies they employ.  Contract PFC at (404) 919-6626 for further information. 

    This is a guest post written with permission by: http://www.enannysource.com/blog/index.php/2013/11/25/10-reasons-to-have-a-written-contract-with-your-nanny/

    How Single Parents Can Save Money on Childcare

    When you’re a single parent, being able to find and afford quality childcare is crucial to being able to provide for your family. Unfortunately, single parents are one of the groups that struggles the most with this expense. Without another parent around to pick up kids when they get sick or provide another source of care when a babysitter or daycare falls through, it can be hard to reliably show up to a job or find a way to pay for care. Fortunately, there are some ways to save on this expense and increase the odds that your childcare provider will be available when you need them to be.

    Work away from home during school hours, then work from home during off-school hours. Perfecting this schedule to the point that you never have to pay for daycare will be a masterful feat, but you can start now to get as close to it as possible. If you have a salaried job, start putting together a plan that shows your boss how you can attend meetings and perform other vital office functions during the day, then get other work done at home at night. If you can, get your boss to agree to a trial period of your plan, making sure everything gets done on time. Even if you can only convince your boss to let you have some time working from home, you’ll still save some money on care.

    Look for a job that follows the school calendar. If you’re looking for a new job and wondering how you’ll ever get child care, start by looking for employment with companies that work with the school calendar. Public and private schools need administrators, teachers, janitors and even landscapers. Daycares and churches also tend to offer more hours during the school year and less during holidays. This might be a great way to work while your child is at school and still have nights, weekends and summers off to care for him.

    Find other parents and develop a shared childcare plan. You’re not the only person to be in this situation. Some people develop elaborate systems in which everyone in the group takes one day off per week (or simply schedules not to come in on that day) so that they can all share childcare duties. For many other people, however, a simple arrangement in which you and a friend share childcare on major holidays and/or when one of you has to work is a lot more practical. Because holiday childcare can be so expensive, many people save a lot of money by getting in a group with a few friends where each person uses one vacation day a year to cover one holiday.

    Look for a job with built-in childcare. While it might not be easy to just go out and find one of these jobs that replaces the salary you make now, it might work out to cut back your hours at your current job and make up the lost income with a second job that offers childcare. Large companies rarely offer childcare, however, there are numerous contract positions that you can do from home or in smaller shifts that might help out. It’s important to be careful with your finances, and you can sometimes arrange your schedule so that you avoid the cost of childcare. You may also want to consider working in a pre-school or daycare.

    Look into government assistance. Many states have programs that offer vouchers for children in low-income households. These vouchers can be given to any daycare or pre-school that meets certain quality requirements. If you’re attending school while you’re working, you can also look into options for daycare through your college or university. Many large schools have programs that are staffed by students working on their degrees in education or child development. Your kids will get great care, and you’ll save money.

    Cut back your hours slightly. Many daycares and preschools charge separate rates for before school, during school and after-school care. In a lot of cases, single parents end up paying for all three sessions and then only using a small fraction of the care before and after school. To make matters worse, the before-school and after-school sessions are often more expensive per hour than the main daytime session. This is because of the limited number of kids who sign up and the extra expenses of providing meals, snacks and extra personnel and overtime. To save money, move or cut your hours so that you only need to pay for one or two of these three sessions. If you have to cut your hours, odds are the money you lose will be less than the amount you spend on the extra session.

    Consider a helper. A trusted neighbor or local student can walk your kids home from school (or meet them at the bus stop) and watch them for a few hours. Make sure you give her several different emergency numbers to contact if something goes wrong. In some cases, several parents pool together to get several different babysitters to watch all of their kids. This gives you the benefit of knowing someone will be there in case one of the babysitters gets sick.

    If you have an infant, consider a live-in nanny. For many single parents, paying for childcare for a child who isn’t potty-trained can be more expensive than their mortgage. Live-in nannies can often be slightly less expensive than a live-out nanny, and that cost becomes more valuable when you realize you have someone to lean on in your home. If you work a lot of hours or hours when a standard daycare isn’t usually open, this might be a way to spend a little to save a lot.

    See for more information: (http://www.babysittingjobs.com/blog/how-single-parents-can-save-money-on-childcare/)




    PFC Now Recruiting Professionals Skilled in Special Needs Senior Care

    PFC is excited to expand its services to include providing families with great candidates for special needs senior care.  PFC is currently recruiting for a Therapeutic Senior Companion in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Details of the position are as follows:  

    Position: Therapeutic Senior Companion

    Location: Lafayette, California

    Pay:  Negotiable 

    Hours:  Full-time 40+ hours a week.  The position will be for at least 3 months and will likely extend to a more permanent role. 


    Details:  The family resides in Hong Kong full-time but the mother's mother lives in Lafayette, California.  The senior recently had a stroke and was in a coma for a few weeks.  She is transitioning from full-time hospital care to home care with live-in assistance.  The senior has lost some brain functionality, so part of the role of the Therapeutic Senior Companion will be to assist in the rehabilitation of the senior's basic life functioning. 

    Duties:  The family has hired someone to come into the home and cook and clean.  The role of the Therapeutic Senior Companion is to assist in providing rehabilitation to improve function so that the senior can become as independent as possible. This must be accomplished in a way that preserves dignity and motivates the senior to relearn basic skills that the stroke may have taken away - skills like eating, dressing and walking.


    Requirements:  The Therapeutic Senior Companion must be skilled in providing post-stroke therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation.  An educational background in occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, or some other therapeutically related discipline is highly desired.   


    Candidates:   Interested Candidates should submit their candidate profile through our website (professionalfamilyconsultants.com) and indicate their interest in a Therapeutic Senior Companion position.  Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for an interview.  The mother is in the SF Bay area for a few weeks and is interviewing Candidates as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please call our office at (404) 919-6626. 


    How to Use Tempting to Stay Afloat During Your Job Search

    One of the most stressful parts of looking for a job is the financial hardship that often comes with being unemployed. Nannies who are on the hunt for a new job have the option to earn extra money while they search by babysitting or temp nannying. Taking on temp jobs brings in a steady stream of income while still allowing you time to interview for a full-time position. Here are some tips for successfully temping during your search. In fact, many nannies love it so much they keep it up even after they land a job.

    Get your CPR/First Aid certification up to date. When you’re looking for a full time job, you generally have four to six weeks from your hire date to get your certification up to date. When you’re temping, it needs to be up to date before you go out on any jobs. You can usually attend a class any weekend at your neighborhood hospital, fire station or community center.

    Create a resume just for temp work. The experience and skills you emphasize when trying to find temporary assignments are different than when you’re looking for a full-time job. Review your current resume and tweak it so it’s appealing to temp clients. Emphasize your varied babysitting experience and your ability to easily adjust to new situations, put both parents and kids at ease and work with a wide variety of ages and temperaments. With an up-to-date resume, your chances of landing a temp job greatly increases.

    Register with online job sites. There are several online job sites that specialize in connecting babysitters with parents. You can use these sites to find parents looking for a one-time commitment or parents looking to lock into an ongoing arrangement. The parents may need a date night sitter, a backup provider for their sick or vacationing nanny, a hotel caregiver or just a nanny to care for the kids while Mom or Dad are at work or out running errands. Once you get a few clients under your belt, you can add reviews and recommendations that will boost the appeal of your profile. Creating and maintaining an online profile is an easy way to keep adding clients to your roster. A good sitter who actively searches for assignments on online sites can usually stay as busy as she wants.

    Register with temp nanny agencies. Like online sites, temp agencies specialize in connecting nannies and parents. The big difference in using a temp agency is the agency does all the legwork for you. They find and screen the families, present your information to them and take the job information. This is another great way to stay busy. Often you’ll make a little less working for a temp agency because the family must also pay the agency fees on top of the caregiver fees. But for many nannies, the time and energy you save by having the agency set up the jobs is well worth it.

    Take out money for taxes. Even though your temp clients won’t have to pay taxes on the money they pay you in most cases, you’re still obligated to report and pay taxes on the money you earn. By saving an appropriate amount from each payment, you’ll be prepared for your tax bill at the end of the year. Online calculators can help you determine how much you should save each week.

    Collect reference letters as you go. References from current clients are one of the best ways to woo new clients. Once you’ve established a good working relationship with a parent, ask for a letter of reference that outlines how frequently you babysit, the ages of the children you care for, the things you are responsible for and the type of relationship you have with the children. Stories and examples are wonderful ways to showcase your personality, caregiving experience and unique skills.

    Develop a temp agreement. If you’re finding clients outside of a temp agency, you’ll be responsible for setting rates and guidelines for your clients. Clearly detail your rates and any special circumstances that would make them change, such as a higher rate for multiple children or for children with special needs. Also, define your cancelation policy so parents will know what they’ll owe you if they cancel or need to reschedule. Make your policies fair to parents while also providing financial protection for yourself. Give parents a copy of your policies before you take on your first job with them to avoid any miscommunications. You can make it available through your online profile or you can email it to the parents.

    Temping is a great way to make money during your job search. With a little organization and planning, you don’t have to go without a steady income while you look for your next full-time position.

    Guest Post from: http://www.houstonnanny.com/blog/how-to-use-temping-to-stay-afloat-during-your-job-search/ 

    How to Choose a Nanny for Your Child With Special Needs

    Having a nanny provide one-on-one care for your child with special needs can be a true blessing to your family. She can deliver hands on childcare, offer household support, be an important connection between home and school, and contribute to the team of professionals devoted to helping your child. But how do you find the right candidate? How do you know if a person will be successful in your position? Here are a few questions to ask when considering different candidates.

    Does she have a connection to your child? There are many things that make a great special needs nanny. Nothing is more important than a positive connection between your child and nanny. Sometimes this happens right away. Sometimes it takes a while for the connection to develop. So how do you know during the interview stage if that connection is there? It is hard to tell because your child and your potential nanny don’t have a lot of time to spend together. But even from the beginning, you often see a spark. Plus, a big factor is the nanny’s willingness to do whatever she needs to do in order to make that connection. Ask her about the other children with special needs that she’s worked with and how she connected with them. Talk with her about your child’s personality and get her ideas on how she could work best with him. If the nanny has a true love of kids, is comfortable with special needs and is willing to work to build a relationship with your child, chances are she’ll be able to build a great connection with him.

    Does she have relevant training? All nannies should have some training, including CPR/first aid certification and an understanding of basic child development knowledge. For nannies wanting to care for children with special needs, the nanny should have additional training to help her understand and effectively work with your child. This may include additional medical training, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training or a variety of other specialized training. This training will help the nanny understand the unique challenges your child is facing and give her the skills she needs to help him. If you are interviewing a great nanny that doesn’t have the training she needs, consider enrolling her in helpful courses. It will help both the nanny and your child.

    Does she have the right kind of personality to work with kids with special needs? All nannies need to have a positive attitude, a true love of children, flexibility, patience and a problem solving outlook. Nannies who work with special needs children have to have all those traits in spades. They also need to be undaunted by failure, be able to think outside the box for new solutions or approaches, and have a willingness to learn and adapt. Not all nannies are well suited for these positions. Talk with each candidate about how she’ll tackle the challenges that come with the job

    Is the nanny a team player? When you have a child with special needs, your nanny will need to work closely with you, the school and other professionals that help your child. Being a team player is a requirement. Hire someone that understands the need to openly communicate with everyone else on the team, who is open to learning new ways of doing things, who can make recommendations based on her experiences with your child, and who can effectively work side by side with you and other professionals. Talk with her about these issues during the interview and also cover this issue when talking with her references.

    Can she be a support person for you? Working as a nanny involves hands on childcare, but it also includes household tasks that support the parents. These can consist of laundry, meals, grocery shopping, errands, household organization and keeping the schedule up to date. You may need extra support in some nontraditional ways. Before you begin your nanny search, create a list of the ways she can support you and incorporate those things into your job description. Candidates may not be willing to take them all on, but it’s always worth talking about your needs. The right candidate will be willing to pitch in and help you manage the extra work that often comes with parenting a child with special needs. It’s also important that your nanny supports you emotionally. She shouldn’t be your only support person, but it’s important that she understands your challenges and is willing to support you in your parenting choices.

    Guest Post from: http://www.findananny.net/blog/how-to-choose-a-nanny-for-your-child-with-special-needs/