Full-time Special Needs Nanny Needed (Santa Rosa, California)

Position: Full-time Special Needs Nanny

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Hours: Full-time Live-In (Flexible schedule to be further worked out during negotiations) 

Compensation: Depending on experience but around $25 per hour plus room and board. The family has a separate living quarters from the main home that the nanny would occupy which includes a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Child Charecteristics: The focus of the position is working with an eleven (11) year old boy who is on the mild end of the autism spectrum. The child also has sensory and auditory processing issues, ADHD, impulsivity, and issues with maintaining social skills. In addition, the child has a high verbal intelligence, strong ability to reason and solve verbal problems and the ability to demonstrate practical knowledge and judgment, verbal reasoning and conceptualization and expression. The child loves being outdoors and going bike riding, hiking, swimming, etc.  

Candidate Requirements: The Nanny must have experience working with children who are on the autism spectrum as well as working with children who have significant sensory processing issues both how his body feels, as well as auditory sensitivity, low motivation, and inability to concentrate for long periods of time. The Candidate should have a college degree in a helping, child-focused discipline, such as child and family development, social work, psychology, special education, or a similar field.  The Candidate should have a positive, calm and warm disposition who implements strategic behavior intervention strategies with positive reinforcement and other similar strategies. 

Interested Candidates: Please submit your Candidate Application through our website at www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com/candidate-application. Interested Candidates will be contacted for interviews. Any questions, please call 404-919-6626.