Caring for a Child with Autism

Caring for a child with autism can be a difficult and taxing experience if you're not prepared.  That's why we recruit experience and skillful professionals to work as Specialized Nannies along side the parents of children with autism.  Our Nannies who specialized autism care often have experience in ABA therapy, floortime, and other neuro-developmental therapies.  It is our belief that the more prepared families are when caring for their autistic child, the better parenting experience and family life for everyone.  Here are some of our tips for caring for a child with autism.  

1.  Become an Expert

The best way parents can learn about their child's development is to study their "quirks" and triggers and figure out what causes stressful responses and positive responses.  Armed with this information, parents and caregivers will be better equipped to troubleshoot pending challenges. 

2. Create a Safety Zone 

Children with autism often need a place to feel safe in their home.  Visual ques are often important and parents may need to safety-proof their house in case the child engages in self-injuring behaviors. Use items to create boundaries in the home and to mark safe and unsafe areas. 

3. Make Time for Fun

Even though children with autism are often engaged in therapies and programs to address their challenges, parents still need to find ways to have fun.  After all, children with autism are still kids.  Think about activities that make the child smile, laugh, and come out of their shell.  Use these activities to create fun-time and a deeper experience with your child.   

4. Explore Different Treatments 

We also recommend parents talk to a variety of professionals when they are seeking therapies and programs for their child with autism.  Because our Specialized Nannies are often skilled in autism therapy, parents should feel comfortable talking about their choices with the Nanny.