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You understand and agree that PFC does not hire or employ the Candidate it refers to you directly or indirectly. All Candidates are employed directly by the family. You understand and agree that PFC is in no way responsible for the conduct or performance of any individual employed by you as a result of any services provided by PFC, and you do hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless PFC, its agents, employees and officers from and against any and all claims by individuals employed by you arising out of such employment whether such claims are for wages, bodily injuries, or for any other cause whatsoever. You understand that PFC is a referral service, and does not train, employ, or exercise control, authority, or discretion over the applicants referred to clients. PFC disclaims any and all responsibility for any conduct or omissions of any applicants, including any applicant hired by the family. PFC is not responsible for losses or damages resulting directly or indirectly from your relationship with any applicant or nanny referred to you by PFC. PFC is not responsible for providing insurance or withholding any payroll taxes, and has no employment relationship with its applicants or nannies.
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