PFC is uniquely positioned to assist ex-pats and other families living in Hong Kong who need the services of a nanny skilled to care for children with special needs.  Please give us a call to discussion your international needs further or email Todd Robinson at 

Position:           Full-time Specialized Nanny

Location:           Hong Kong

Hours:               40+ Hours per week (schedule varies according to therapy schedule)

Salary:              $3,500 per month + full room and board (no U.S. or foreign taxes taken out).

Benefits:         Full room and board, insurance coverage, relocation costs, living expense

Family Details:       This is an exciting opportunity to work for a loving family in Hong Kong.  They are seeking a full-time Specialized Nanny to work with their 4-year-old son who is now non-verbal after suffering a traumatic brain injury nearly two years ago.   The family has hired a full-time therapist from the U.S. to also work with the child in therapeutic intervention and is now seeking a Specialized Nanny to work alongside the therapist. 

The mother is originally from Sydney, Australia but has lived in Hong Kong since she was a child. The father is Dutch and runs an    international business.  The family also has homes in Thailand and   Switzerland, so the Nanny would be required to travel around the world with the family as needed. The Nanny would share an apartment with the therapist near the family’s home. 

The family considers themselves formal and well-organized.  They have two house maids who cook and clean, as well as a driver.  They eat formally prepared meals each day and expect their employees to perform their jobs well.

Children:       There are three children in the home: an 8-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, and a 4-year-old boy.  The older two children attend school; they mind well and are easy to manage.  The 4-year-old will be the primary focus of this position.

Special Needs:       The 4-year-old boy has a traumatic brain injury which has significantly delayed his development.  He is currently working with a therapist from the U.S. who is trained in neurodevelopmental disorders.  The child is nonverbal and struggles to communicate.  He exhibits challenging behaviors, has trouble transitioning between tasks, and has meltdowns occasionally.  The child also has trouble potty-training due to his brain injury.

Nanny Qualifications.:      The Nanny must be skilled in behavior management and intervention strategies.  The Nanny should be able to develop behavior modification plans and address the child’s negative behavior while increasing positive behavior.  The Nanny should also be comfortable implementing potty training techniques.

Experience and education in the field of special needs is essential.  Ideally, the Nanny will have experience working with children with behavioral challenges, and/or neurological deficits and have education in a related field, such as special education, child and family development, speech and language pathology, social work, occupational therapy, or psychology.

The Nanny will act as a team with the therapist, who provides therapy for the child 6 hours a day.  During the times the child is receiving therapy, the Nanny will have personal time.  The Nanny and the therapist will collaborate to ensure a consistent level of care for the child.

If a suitable candidate is secured prior to July 6, the family may want the Nanny to attend a training session in Roswell, Georgia at a Neurodevelopmental Therapy Center.

Interested Candidates:  Interested candidates should send their  resume to and submit a Candidate Application through our website at  Selected candidates will be interviewed either in person or via Skype.  Successful Candidates will then be interviewed by the family via Skype.  PFC will make all the      arrangements for the interviews.

If selected for the position, PFC will assist with candidate with the transition to Hong Kong.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 404-788-1391.