Location: Wilmette, IL

Hours: 20-25 hours a week

Compensation: $15 - $20 per hour.  Taxes withheld by Nanny. 

Special Needs: The position is focused on working with two children, ages 6 and 3.  The 3 year old has global developmental delays. He is three years old chronologically but developmentally he ranges from 1 year to 3 years. He cannot feed himself or dress himself. He also is not potty trained. In addition, his communicative language is not yet developed. He is capable of a moderate amount of words (40 words) and phrases but would be unable to say for example, “I am thirsty I would like milk.” Instead he says, “I some milk.” He is unable to do this with food at this point. Most of his language is mimicking what the family says.  When he gets frustrated, he does scream and will stiffen his body, however, he is not aggressive.  He also can be distracted easily which helps in calming him down. He does know and utilize some sign language. The family is in the process of learning ASL to help him further, so experience with ASL would be helpful. 

Family Details:  Very loving and laid back family.  The father works long hours and the mother works from home.  The family enjoys the outdoors and spending time together.  

Candidate Requirements:  The Candidate should have an educational background in a child-focused discipline such as psychology, child and family development, social work, or special education.  The Candidate must have direct experience working with children who have special needs in either a childcare capacity, or in a professional setting.  Work with children who have global developmental delays is preferred.  Other experience working children who have autism, or a similar challenge is helpful.  The Candidate must be a native English speaker since language development is a challenge. 

Interested?  Interested Candidates should submit their Candidate Application through the website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com.  Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for interviews.  Please call with any questions.