Hours: Full-Time Special Needs Nanny/Homeschool Teacher

Location: Chinook, MT

Qualifications: The candidate should have skills and experience working with children with global developmental delays.  Ideally we are looking for someone 5 days a week Wednesday through Sunday 8 -5. Our hope is to keep the child in school in town 3 days a week. Parents would get her to school Monday and Tuesday and the teacher would take her on Wednesday for an 'observation' day and then have 'school' Thursday through Sunday in a stand alone school house on the ranch, where she could continue working on town school program and also life skills. This is our ideal setup, but we are open to other ideas. The family is also looking for someone year round - not just for the school year.

Family Details: The family lives an hour from town in a remote area of Montana. The closest town is population 10,000 and we are 130 miles from Great Falls, population 60,000. The family are ranchers so we have an outdoorsy lifestyle. They have 5 dogs, one lives in the house with us and a large ranch that consists of cattle and horses. They have help 4 days a week with someone in the home to help with the kids in one capacity or another. The family keeps a clean yet lived in home. Both parents are fairly laid back but do have a lot of areas we juggle with managing a large ranch and busy home life.

Interested Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through the website to be considered.