Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania 

Hours: Full-Time Live-In (preferably) Special Needs Nanny.  Typical days begin at 6:45 to help the family finish getting the kids off to school in the am.  The Candidate is off from 8:10 am until 3:00 when the other child gets home from school. Julia gets home at 3:30. The Candidate would then participate in post-school activities, including homework, dinner prep, and play time until the special needs child goes to bed. 

Compensation: $700 - $800 per week plus room and board

Special Needs: The focus of the position is working with a 7 year old that has been diagnosed with primary microcephaly. She is right in the middle in terms of severity. She cannot walk, talk, eat and has limited use of her hands. She is tube fed and has cognitive impairments as well. With all this in mind she is very present, happy, aware of her surrounds, loves laughing, music,"playing" with her big brother and being a little lady about town. She truly is a love bug. She is confined to a wheelchair but she is transferred to standers, walkers etc. She is in school M-F from 8-3 during the year than 3 days a week for 6 weeks in the summer. She needs help in everything she does including being changed, dressed, positioning, bathed etc. her brother is as self sufficient as any other 8 year old boy is. He is caring and sweet and loves his sister. 

Qualifications: The Candidate must have experience caring for children with developmental delays that require substantial self-care.  The family is looking for someone who is patient, fun loving, kind not easily frustrated or thrown and is willing to learn how to care for Julia. The family also needs the Candidate to look after our son when the family is working.  

Interested Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through the website for further consideration.  Qualified Candidates will be contacted immediately for interviews.