The Child-Centered Matching Process™ 

Each PFC Nanny undergoes an extensive quality assurance process to ensure they meet your needs and have the skills and experience required to care for your child with special needs.  PFC conducts personal behavioral interviews, scrutinize their experience, and review their qualifications closely.  

Through our Child-Centered Matching Process™, we focus our recruiting and placing Candidates that have specialized skills and experience working with children who have special needs.  Many of our Candidates are former special education teachers, therapists, social workers, ABA therapists, Behavior Interventionists, and general special needs practitioners.  Many Candidates find us because they are tired of working in a bureaucratic system but would like to still make the a difference in the life of a child and a family. 

Once the child's needs are identified through our family interview and assessment, we utilize the Child-Centered Matching Process™ to match the specific needs of the child with the specific experience of an available nanny or caregiver.  Through this unique matching process, the families are paired with a nanny that has a deep understanding of their child's special needs and is well equipped to manage their care.  The nanny then becomes more than just an everyday caregiver.  He/she becomes an integral part of the child's care team and an additional source of support and guidance for the family.