Hours: Full-time 40+ hours per week to include before school, evenings and some weekends. Must be available for school holidays. 

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

Compensation: $30 - $40 per hour, depending on experience

Special Needs Training: Must have experience with ABA therapy and a variety of therapies (OT/Speech/PT), as well as an understanding of communication devices and hearing aid maintenance; ability to reinforce therapeutic and educational goals while at home; willing to provide transportation prepare meals and tidy up.

Education: A college degree in a helping profession such as special education, social work, psychology, or child and family development. Relevant graduate studies highly valued. 

Special Needs: The focus of the position will be to work with a child with pervasive global delay. The child is in a non-categorical intellectually disabled kindergarten classroom. She requires OT, PT, speech therapy and has bilateral neuro-sensory hearing loss and is currently non-verbal. She requires 24 hour supervision as she is unaware of potential dangers but is fully mobile and loves being active outside. She also requires assistance with dressing, bathing, potty training, and feeding. 

Interested Candidates: Please complete the Candidate Application through the PFC website: www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com. A consultant will contact qualified candidates immediately for further information.