When we advertise a position for one of our clients, we contact roughly 10% of the candidates that send us applications.  We are very selective in our screening process and closely scrutinize the qualifications and skills of the professionals that seek to work as a Specialized Nanny through our agency. 

 Skills that Stand Out

Depending on the need of our client, we look for the following qualifications when evaluating Candidates:

  1.  Advanced Degrees  - Probably the first qualification we examine is the candidates educational background.  We seek candidates with bachelors and masters degrees in applicable fields such as social work, psychology, child and family development, special education, general education, mental and behavioral disorders, and other relevant fields.  It is our belief that candidates with the appropriate educational background have gained the requisite knowledge to work directly with children who have special needs. 

2. Direct One-On-One Experience  We also look for candidates who have direct experience working one-on-one with children who have special needs.  For example, if the client has a child with autism, we will look for candidates that have worked directly with children who have autism or other similar developmental disorders.  

3. Specialized Training  - Many of our clients have children that require specialized training to care for them. This includes ABA training for children with autism, behavioral intervention training, NVCPI (non-violent crisis prevention intervention training), American Sign Language, and other general behavioral and therapeutic strategies

4. Life Experience  - It is also important to us (and our clients) that candidates have some life experience, whether in the form of studying abroad, travelling, mission work, or some other form of cultural training.  We seek candidates that are well-rounded individuals and have a centered sense of purpose and a passion for working with children who have special needs. 

5. Passion for Working With Children Who Have Special Needs  - Lastly, we seek candidates who have a passion for working with children who have special needs.  We see our mission, and the candidates role as a professional opportunity for individuals with a passion for this kind of work to make a difference in the life of a special child and their family.  Through this passion, we seek to develop long-lasting relationships with all of our candidates and clients.