Position:  Full-time, Live-in or Live-out Specialized Nanny caring for a child with Autism

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Hours: Flexible full-time hours depending on the family's needs. May include evenings and weekends depending on the family's schedule 

Salary: $30,000, paid bi-weekly plus live-in facilities. Family will withhold taxes

Benefits: Dental, Vision, and Health Insurance, 401K matching program
 Live-In Arrangement: 1000 square-foot apartment including all appliances, TV, cable, internet,garage space, all dishes, linens, etc. with separate entrance. 

Live-out arrangement would be full-time, 40 hours per week, including some nights and weekends. 

Details:  Wonderful professional opportunity for the right person who is passionate about caring for children with autism and making a lasting impact on the life of a child and becoming a part of a fantastic family.  Family seeks a full-time, live-in Nanny to help care for their 14-year-old autistic child.  The family also has a 17-year-old.  The autistic child is currently home-schooled.

Child Characteristics:  The 14-year-old autistic child is a sweet and loving girl but can have regular tantrums and meltdowns. The child may also become aggressive and has been known to bite, kick, hit or pinch herself and others caring for her. Her language expressively is at about a 4-5 year old level, but she understands a lot more when information is presented to her in concrete, tangible terms.   She is extremely visual as a learner and very smart when it comes to electronics/computer.  The child is also very artistic and talented at drawing. Although she is capable of doing so herself, she needs help with bathing, dressing, and other self help activities.

Nanny Qualifications:  The Nanny must have experience working one-on-one with moderately to severely autistic children and ideally have experience providing, or knowledge of, ABA therapeutic techniques and strategies for interacting with autistic children. A degree in child and family development, special education, social work, or psychology is also recommended. The ideal Nanny would be a person who is loving and caring and compassionate.   She is someone who is flexible with schedule and be able to go with the flow of the family. The Nanny must be respectful of the family's wishes. The Nanny should also be an independent thinker who can bring her own ideas to the table when it comes to the child's care.  The Nanny must also be skilled in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention or a similar technique for managing the child's aggressive behavior.  If the Nanny is not skilled in this area but is willing to learn, the family may send the Nanny to some trainings. The Nanny must be able to drive and swim and be willing to do some light cleaning and laundry.  The Nanny should also enjoy outdoor activities.  Finally, the family likes to travel so the Nanny should enjoy traveling and would travel with the family if needed. All travel expenses would be paid by the family. 

Interested Candidates: If you are interested in this position, please fill out our Candidate Application through our website (www.professionalfamilyconsultants.com).  After we review your qualifications, we may be in touch to set up a screening interview.  Since PFC is located in Atlanta, all screening interviews with our staff will be through Skype or phone.  After a successful screening interview, we will make arrangements for Candidates to interview with the family. Please contact us if you have any further questions!